Sunday, April 8, 2018


Hello all!

Hope everyone is doing well and getting through this crazy weather we have been having.

I want to remind you about our April TCB meeting this Monday, April 9. We will meet at the Mazzio’s Pizza in the Farm shopping center, located at 5119 S Sheridan Road in Tulsa. If you want to eat before the meeting begins you should plan to arrive between 5:15 and 5:30 pm. The meeting will begin at 6 pm and end no later than 7:30 pm.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Julie Bailey
TCB President

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

March Meeting

Hello all!

This is a reminder that the March TCB meeting is this coming Monday, March 12. We will be meeting at our new regular meeting place, Mazzio’s Pizza in the Farm Shopping Center at 5119 S Sheridan Road. If you plan to eat with us before the meeting, please try to be there by 5:30 pm. The meeting will begin at 6 pm and we will be finished no later than 7:30 pm.

Please remember that if you are going to do the pizza and pop deal, you will need to pay when you come into the restaurant. You will be given a cup for your drink and the pizza will be brought into the meeting room for us. You can also order other food items instead of doing the pizza and pop deal.

We discussed at the February meeting the possibility of taking Easter items to the St. Francis Children’s Hospital for the kids who have to be in the hospital during Easter. Jeri and I will be picking up some items from a dollar store and we will meet a day or 2 before Easter to put them together in bagts or baskets. We will let you know where we will be meeting to do this project soon so you can participate if you are able to help out.

I will be sending out an agenda soon so be sure to look it over and be ready to discuss all the fun things we are going to be doing this year! Let’s make a difference!

See you on Monday!

Julie Bailey
TCB President

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

February Meeting

Hello to all!

The new meeting place has been decided on by the Board beginning this month. Our first meeting will be at Mazzio’s Pizza, located in the Farm Shopping Center at 5119 S Sheridan Road in Tulsa.

We also have a new meeting night – we will be meeting on the second Monday of each month. Our first meeting will be next Monday on February 12.

We have once again been given the opportunity to do the pizza and pop deal. This includes all you can eat pizza and pop for a cost of $7. You can add a salad to it for a total of $9. Of course, you can order other items if you want, such as pasta, sandwiches, and salad. When you arrive at the Mazzio’s, please go directly to the counter and let them know that you are a part of the Tulsa Council of the Blind and what you are paying for. Then, after you order and pay, you can go to the meeting room. We are going to be in the same room as before. After entering and ordering, there is a ramp you can use to go up to the upper level of the restaurant. There are no steps to enter the meeting room.

Our meeting time is the same as before – we will meet between 5 and 5:30 if you are going to eat. The meeting will begin at 6 pm and end no later than 7:30 pm

Put on your thinking caps as we will be deciding what we are going to do for the year. We need your ideas and input, so please come!

If you have questions, please call or email me.

Julie Bailey
TCB President

Sunday, January 7, 2018


This is an FYI to all…

The Board has decided that due to the holidays and busy schedules, we are going to skip the January meeting. When a list of possible meeting places has been put together, it will be sent out to all members in order to get a concensus on where we will meet beginning in February. For the time being, Monday night has been decided on for our meetings, and we will probably go with the second Monday of each month. If it is determined that we need to meet on a different night after a couple of months of trying out Monday, we can change it.

Hope all are doing well, and we will see you in February!

Julie Bailey
TCB President

Monday, December 11, 2017


Julie found out last week that Delta Cafe has closed it doors! So our Christmas Party was held at Charlie Tipps house last Saturday and the meetings to be held some where else when we locate a place! So keep checking back!


David Bailey

Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas Party

Hello to all!

We have a slight, well OK, a major change with the plans for our Christmas party. Thanks to Jesse Martinez for letting me know, the Delta Café is closing this Wednesday permanently. I called and confirmed this with the restaurant. So, we will not be having our party at Delta on Saturday.

Thanks to our members Charley and Ruthie Tipps for graciously offering their home for our party on such short notice. (Ruthie doesn’t even get to be there to enjoy it with us…) We will be ordering pizza and each person will need to pay $6 each to cover the cost of the pizza and drinks.

Charley’s address is 7522 E 53rd Place in Tulsa.

We will be playing the Dirty Santa game or gift exchange game. Each person who wants to play the game will need to bring a wrapped gift appropriate for either a guy or girl (not one or the other) at a cost of no more than $10. We will be playing other games as well, but you will have to come to the party to find out what they are! 

The date of the party has not changed, it will be this Saturday, December 9. Times for the party have not changed. We will begin at 1 pm and go no later than 4 pm.

If you have questions, please call or email me at the info below.

See everyone there!

Julie Bailey
TCB President

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Hello to all!

This is to remind you of our November TCB meeting, which will be next Thursday, November 9. We will be meeting at the usual place at the usual time, Delta Café located at 11101 E 41st Street in tulsa from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. If you want to come to the meeting but are not planning to eat with us before the meeting begins, you can come at 6 pm.

We will be having a guest speaker who will talk to us about Tulsa history, Gayle Campbell. Below is her bio:

I am a native Tulsan and have always been interested in Tulsa history. I have a wonderful husband, Jim, with whom I share many different interests.  I have two daughters who live in Tulsa, and a son who lives in London.  I also have a grandson and a granddaughter here in Tulsa.  

I've been a member of FBC Tulsa for 44 years, and have co-ordinated the Deaf and now the Deaf/Blind Ministry there for the last 26 years.  I entered the interpreting profession in 1991, and became a Deaf Ed teacher at Edison in 2002, and retired from there 4 years ago.  It's also my alma mater, and my grandson is now a freshman there.  

Our hobbies include genealogy and travel, and we particularly like to combine those two interests in one trip, visiting archives and cemeteries while seeing the sights.  When I retired I started a book club and became a volunteer at the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum.  I also used my retirement time to take up a completely new hobby, which is acting in "The Drunkard and the Olio" at the historic Spotlight Theater.  I'm a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Camp Fire Boys and Girls, and Tulsa Cherokee Community Organization. 

I think she will have some very interesting information to tell us, so plan to be there!

Also, please remember that we will be voting on the TCB Board for the 2018 year. To be able to vote, you must have your TCB dues paid by the start of the meeting. Dues are $12 per person. If you are interested in being on the board, you can be nominated during the proceedings.

Be looking for an agenda to follow soon!

Hope to see you all there!

Julie Bailey
TCB President

Sunday, October 15, 2017

As mentioned at the last Tulsa Council of the Blind Meeting I have agreed to take on the Blog page for TCB. So please give me time to update and correct information that has been posted. If anyone has suggestions or articles they would like to see on the TCB site please email me or you are welcome to call me..

David Bailey

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Research: Stepped Care for Coping with Age-Related Vision Loss

Helpful article for those of you dealing with friends/family members who are losing their vision later in life: Stepped Care for Coping with Age-Related Vision Loss

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

White Cane Walk - Oct. 15

We are having a walk for White Cane Awareness Day, which is October 15. Details of the route are below. More details to come at our regular monthly meeting this Friday October 9.

White Cane walk routeFrom City Hall to Caz's Chowhouse
175 East 2nd Street to 18 E. Brady Street 

We will begin the walk at City Hall which is located on the Northwest corner of Cincinnati and 2nd Street.  For those arriving by car, there is parking on the Southeast corner of 2nd and Cincinnati as well as on Cincinnati between 2nd and 1st streets.

There is a small plaza area in front of city hall that is up a couple of steps from the street level.  This is where we will meet prior to the walk.

The walk will begin by heading North on Cincinnati to 1st street.  We will cross 1st street and then make an immediate left turn.

Proceed West on 1st street past the bus stop and then turn right onto a pathway which will take you toward a metallic tower structure that is located in the pathway.  Continue North on the pathway and you will pass the tower and then you will pass the  "Center of the Universe" which you should check out if you have never experienced it before.  The Center of the Universe is a spot at which your voice will reverberate when you talk.

As you continue North on the path, you will reach Archer Street where you will turn to the right and walk a few steps until you reach a pedestrian crossing.

You will cross Archer at which point you will be heading North along the East side of Boston.  You will pass the Hardesty Arts building on your right and there will be some restaurants and bars across the street on your left.

Continue North on Boston for 1 block until you reach Brady Street.

Turn left without crossing Brady and cross over Boston heading West.  

Continue on Brady until you reach 18 which is Caz's Chowhouse .  This is where we will be dining.
If you have any questions about it all, please contact 

Jeri Cooper at 918-832-7035 or email 

or Kathy Shelton at 918-298-6363 or email at