Saturday, December 29, 2018


TCB had some visitors during the party! Sang songs they did a very good job!

Picture from TCB Christmas Party


Tulsa Council of the Blind Christmas Party 2018

TCB members and friends gathered at members Charley and Ruthie Tipps home in
Tulsa on Saturday afternoon December 15th for our Christmas party.

The group numbered 18 in all! We ate first, one of our favorite things to
do! As we were finishing up eating, we were surprised by a group of carolers
from a nearby church who were friends of Ruthie's. This was a very pleasant
surprise and the group sang some really nice Christmas carols!

Next came the Dirty Santa/White Elephant gift exchange game. A couple of
very desirable musical gifts were stolen quite a few times!

Attendees had a good time visiting with each other and listening to some
good music! Thanks to the Tipps for inviting us to their home for this time
of fellowship and fun! Can't wait til next year!