Constitution and Bylaws

Tulsa Council of the Blind (TCB)
Affiliate of OCB
Constitution and Bylaws of the Tulsa Council of the Blind, Incorporated
(as revised March 4, 2006)
 Article I Name:
The name of this organization shall be Tulsa Council of the Blind, Incorporated, hereinafter known in this document as The TCB.
 Article II Purpose:
The purpose of the TCB shall be to strive for the betterment of our community.A. Through a representative regional organization primarily of blind peopleB. By providing a forum for the views of the blind from all corners of the region and from all walks of lifeC. By elevating the social, economic, educational, and cultural level of the blindD. By improving educational opportunities and rehabilitation facilitiesE. By broadening vocational opportunitiesF. By encouraging and assisting the blind, especially the newly blind, to develop their abilities and potentialities and to assume their responsible place in the communityG. By cooperating with public and private institutions and agencies of and for the blind, andH. By conducting a program of public education aimed toward improving the understanding of the problems of blindness and of the capabilities of blind people.
 Article III Membership:
Section 1. The primary authority of the TCB shall be in the membership.Section 2. Membership shall be open to all persons who are at least 16 years of age and are blind or visually impaired, parents and/or guardians of blind children, and those sighted adults interested in the purposes of the TCB.Section 3. A membership fee recommended by the board of directors and approved by the membership shall be assessed annually. The dues are to be collected by November 1 of each year and a list of eligible voting members shall be read at the November meeting.Section 4. Voting members are those persons who have paid their membership dues by November 1 of the current year and have attended no fewer than three monthly meetings during the current year.Section 5. Any officer or member may be removed from membership upon recommendation by the board of directors after he/she has opportunity to explain or refute charges to the Board. If the Board recommends dismissal of the officer or member at a regular business meeting, such action shall require 2/3 majority of votes cast by members.Section 6. No monies shall inure to any member of the TCB or to any other individual except for actual approved expenses incurred by that person in behalf of the TCB.
 Article IV Meetings:
Section 1. The TCB shall hold monthly meetings. Thirty percent (30%) of the voting members, four of whom are board members, constitutes a quorum at any membership meeting. Only a quorum shall have the authority to transact the business of the TCB.Section 2. The time and place of the monthly meetings shall be determined by majority vote.Section 3: A monthly meeting may be cancelled when unforeseen circumstances arise by the President or his/her designee after contacting two-thirds (2/3) of the executive board and shall determine if and when that meeting should be re-scheduled. Any member may contact the President with such a recommendation.Section 4. A special meeting may be called by the board of directors or thirty percent (30%) of the membership. The secretary or his/her designee shall be responsible for notifying all TCB members of the time and place of the special meeting and the business to be considered. Only the business published shall be transacted at this special meeting.Section 5. The TCB shall have the authority to cooperate with recognized local, state, national, and international organizations of the blind.Section 6. The TCB shall not engage in political activities other than those affecting the disabled. If there is a doubt whether the issue is to be addressed or not, it shall be decided by majority vote of members present at a regular monthly meeting.Section 7: Robert's Rules of Order (Revised) shall govern at each meeting except as herein provided or specifically authorized by the voting members present at a monthly business meeting.
 Article V Elections:
Section 1. Annually, a slate of officers and board members-at-large shall be read at the October and November meetings. Nominations from the floor can be made at the November meeting. The election will be conducted at the November meeting and the newly elected officers will assume office in January.All candidates nominated from the floor have to give their permission either verbally or in writing prior to their nomination. Candidates are elected by a majority vote of the votes cast. The four officers shall be president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Two board members-at-large shall also be elected.Section 2. The election of officers and board members shall be conducted by voice vote unless there are multiple nominees for a particular position.  When there are multiple nominees, voting will be by secret ballot and tallied by the Nominating committee. Results of the vote shall be announced by the chairperson of the Nominating committee.Section 3. A recommendation to select a delegate to the American Council of the Blind's national convention may be affirmed by the board of directors and presented to members for approval by June 1. If approved, the members will proceed to elect the delegate. In addition, reimbursement of expenses including per diem, transportation, etc. will be determined through majority vote of members present.Section 4. Any voting member of the TCB shall be eligible to cast an absentee vote on any issue provided the member sends a letter stating how the vote is to be cast with the member's signature notarized or witnessed by two persons. The absentee vote shall be sent to the president.
 Article VI Officers:
Section 1. The four officers of the TCB shall include: President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer. A member is limited to serving four consecutive one-year terms in any one elective position.Section 2. The president shall preside over all monthly meetings and all board meetings, coordinate activities of the TCB, represent the TCB when circumstances requires, and shall appoint chairpersons of all committees. No person may serve as president who has not previously served on the board of directors.Section 3. The vice-president shall act as presiding officer during the absence of the president, act as education facilitator and shall perform all other duties as prescribed by the TCB or the board of directors.Section 4. The secretary shall be the custodian of the TCB's records and properties, keep the minutes of the TCB and of the board of directors meetings, perform the correspondence of the TCB, and keep attendance. The secretary or his/her designee, shall notify members of upcoming meetings or special events. The secretaryshall provide TCB members with updated copies of the Constitution, membership lists, and other pertinent information in alternative formats as requested by the member.Section 5. The treasurer shall be responsible for all the TCB's funds, collecting dues and other obligations, and keeping financial transactions recorded. The treasurer is responsible for banking all funds in a federally insured institution. Any monies in excess of normal operations funds shall be invested in money market, savings, or certificates of deposit. The treasurer shall provide the secretary with a register of voting members.
 Article VII Board of Directors:
Section 1. The board of directors of the TCB shall be comprised of the four elected officers and two elected board members at large. A President and majority of the board members shall be blind. The retiring President shall be an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors until another most previous President exists.  A quorum of the board shall consist of 50% plus one of the current sitting board members.  A quorum of the board is required to conduct the business of the board.Section 2. The duty of the board of directors shall be to act as the governing body between monthly membership meetings, to call special meetings, to promote new ideas and new membership to the TCB, to fill vacancies between elections, and to perform such other acts as may be necessary to the efficient operation of the business of the TCB. Expenditures exceeding $125.00 shall be presented at a monthly business meeting for approval by the TCB members present at such meeting.
 Article VIII Committees:
Section 1. Standing committees shall be: nominating, constitution and by-laws, and legislative committees. Other committees shall be designated by the president and members appointed as needed to carry out the workings of this organization. Such committees shall be responsible for keeping membership informed as to progress in assigned work tasks. All committee chairperson appointments shall be made by the president. Each committee shall consist of at least three members one of which is on the TCB board.Section 2. The nominating committee is charged with selecting a slate of candidates for the offices for the ensuing year. The slate of candidates shall be read at the October and November meetings. Candidates presented shall have agreed to serve in the position designated. The chairperson of the nominating committee shall receive nominations from the floor at the November meeting. He/she shall conduct the election at the November meeting.Section 3: The constitution and by-laws committee shall accept and consider any proposed amendments to this constitution and By-laws and make appropriate recommendations for approval to the membership at a monthly business meeting.Section 4. The legislative committee shall keep apprized of current legislation concerning persons with disabilities and shall keep membership informed about such legislation in a timely manner.
 Article IX Amendments:
Section 1: Proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-laws shall be presented to the Constitution and By-laws committee for consideration.Section 2: Any recommended amendments made by the Constitution and By-laws committee shall be presented at a monthly business meeting and voted on at the following monthly business meeting. Proposed amemdments shall be in writing and shall be available in alternative formats and shall be made available to members upon request.Section 3: Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of votes cast by TCB members for approval.
 Article X Disbandment:
Section 1. In the event that the TCB should disband for any reason, the presiding board of directors at the time of the disbandment shall act as executors of the corporation. If the acting board of directors cannot be assembled, the president and secretary or treasurer at the time of the disbandment shall perform these duties.Section 2. In case of disbandment, the books of the TCB shall be audited by a certified public accountant immediately.Section 3. Assets of the corporation shall be used to pay off any existing liabilities of the corporation.Section 4. All remaining assets including books and documents of the TCB shall be disbursed to the state organization known as the Oklahoma Council of the Blind, Incorporated.