About TCB

Oklahoma Council of the Blind

The Tulsa Council of the Blind is a chapter of the Oklahoma Council of the Blind.  It was created by a group of blind individuals in the 1940s and served several functions.  During that period of time, the isolation of blind people was far greater than today.  The chapter served as an advocacy organization as well as a social outlet. 

At that time, it was highly unusual for blind people to live independently.  Services were generally begun by blind people themselves.  This is the only disability group that was formed by individuals rather than by professionals who served them.  

Blind people were uniquely situated to organize themselves.  Most had attended the Oklahoma School for the Blind, and therefore knew one another and were able to network among themselves. 

As time has gone by, the population of newly blind or older blind has increased, and it is more important than ever that they have positive role models from whom they can learn the skills necessary to live independently. TCB has been working to provide support for blind children and adults, including the growing population of older visually impaired people. 

Over the past decades, TCB has been involved in legislative and other forms of advocacy in behalf of blind and visually impaired people, particularly on a local level.  We have worked hard to develop public transportation, sidewalks, and acceptance of visually pmpaired people in all aspects of society.  We have the same desires and needs as anyone else.  We’d like to stay in our own homes, and we’d like to stay involved in the outside world.  But too often, newly blind adults have no idea that their lives aren’t over.  Their family members often don’t either.  We learn in different ways, read in different ways, cook and clean in different ways. These skills are not self-evident. Too often family members unintentionally hold them back by not knowing how to teach independent living skills. It’s easy to become too dependent on sighted spouses and family members, often creating resentments and unhealthy relationships.  TCB aims to help create a better understanding of visual impairment so that our members can live as independently as they want. 

We invite all to participate with us. Whether you are blind, visually impaired, or a sighted friend or relative of someone who is visually impaired, TCB is here to help you. Our goal is to provide information and support to all who need it.

Our monthly meetings are held from 7:00–8:00 using zoom.