Sunday, December 1, 2019

Good Afternoon Dear TCB members,


I trust each of you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and neglected not to thank the one who makes all things possible.  


It is with some sadness that I send out the minutes to the November meeting which is the last one scheduled.  Unfortunately our group has not received the necessary support from the community to continue at this point. 


No future meetings are scheduled, but we are encouraged to continue talking about the organization and garner support from prospective TCBers.


Our Christmas party will be at Charley and Ruthie Tipps.  Charley recently celebrated 42 years of service to the residents of the state of Olkahoma.  He is now retired from OKDRS!  Congratulations Charley and Ruthie!  You have gained a husband Ruthie.  (Smile.)  Charley is very dedicated and worked innumerable long hours service individuals in the state of Oklahoma with blindness and visual impairments of all kinds.  We love you Charley and thank you so very much for all you have done through the years to improve our quality of life.


Charley and Ruthie live at 7522 E 53rd Place, Tulsa, OK 74145.  Their phone number is (918) 938-7014.  Please let them know that you are attending the party and what you are bringing, dessert-wise.  


Thank you, each of you, for the opportunity you have given me to be a part of this wonderful organization and to serve our special community.  I hope you know you each hold a special place in my heart.


With gratitude,



Debra Waller, MA VRT 



Low vision does not define who you are; it challenges what you will become.

TCB Meeting 11/14/19

On November 14, 2019 the quorum was met.  Present at the meeting were President Jeri Cooper, Vice President Darla Cook, Secretary Debbie Waller, Treasurer Julie Bailey and Debbie Eagle, and David Bailey.

The meeting started promptly at 6 PM.

The celebrations for November are Jeri Cooper’s birthday on Thanksgiving Day. 

There was no secretary’s report for October as the group did not have a quorum. 

The treasurer’s report for the month was given.  There is $765.80 in the bank.  The OCB made $1,000 after expenses from the convention held in Tulsa in September.

The review of White Cane Day was given by Debbie Eagle.  The consensus is that it was a great choice of location for this activity.  The participant reported that it offered a variety of options with boating, play areas and various eating venues.  She said the areas were easy to navigate.  Debbie said that people were friendly and seemed accepting of others with obvious challenges.  She said that a good time was had by all who attended.

Cane Quest was mentioned which took place as OSB. Beep ball was played and enjoyed. 

The TCB project has not moved forward as Jeanie Myer has not given us any information about a family that could be identified for our giving project. 

The Christmas party is planned for December 14th at Charley and Ruthie Tipps.  The couple’s address is 7522 E 53rd Place in Tulsa, 74145. Their phone number is (918) 938-7014.  The time will be 1-4 PM.  Everyone wanting to attend needs to bring a dirty Santa gift of $10 in value as well as bring $5 for pizza that will be offered.  Participants are also encouraged to bring their own non-alcoholic drinks and a dessert. 

The future of TCB is uncertain at this point as no one came forward to be placed on the slate of officers for the upcoming election which was to take place at this meeting. Also we have not met the OCB and national ACB requirements for a chapter when it comes to attendance.  We have had difficulty even meeting the quorum.  It was said that the Muskogee chapter went through a similar experience and seems to be very strong now.  Darla mentioned that if we do not pay dues we cannot have a chapter.  This was on the heels of Julie and Jeri suggesting that we pay $5 for dues at the Christmas party.  However this was presented as an idea and not voted on or brought forward as a motion.

Debbie Eagle has presented an idea that we meet periodically and play games, go out to eat, bowl, see a movie, etc.  We will see what happens in the months ahead and have each other’s contact information.

Debbie Eagle said that she will post an update about the Tulsa CB on the group’s FB page.  It is mainly used for outreach so this should work perfectly.  The TCB website through GoDaddy is and can also be accessed on the web at  We all agreed to touch base in January.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:38 PM.