Monday, October 22, 2012

MacForTheBlind for Visually Impaired using Apple Products is a place specifically for blind people who are either users or potential users of Macintosh computers or iOS devices, such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod. I am a blind individual who has used the Mac ever since VoiceOver became available in OS 10.4 Tiger, and I own a Mac Mini, Mac Book Pro laptop computer, and both an iPhone 4S and iPad 3rd generation. In addition, I am an Authorized Apple Business Affiliate, and as an Apple Certified Support Professional for Mac OS X Lion, I offer training and technical support for individuals, agencies and organizations on the mac and all iDevices, as well as offering assistive technology consulting.
Photo of Boy, Girl, iPhone, and Other Mac Products seeks to do the following:
1.      Provide information and answers to common questions about VoiceOver on the Mac or iOS devices.
2.      Make available “how to” posts, tips and tricks, and other basic tutorials on a variety of Mac and iOS related subjects, such as software and apps.
3.      Provide resources, links to podcasts, and other useful links to other Mac related sites in our community.
4.      Offer help for common and even not so common technical support issues on the Mac or iDevices.
5.      Make available opportunities for training with VoiceOver on either the Mac or on iOS devices.
6.      Offer training and demonstration videos and/or podcasts.
7.      Offer advertisement opportunities for developers and other companies.

Overall, our hope is to provide another location for technical support and education for both veteran users and new users alike. We are quite aware that there are a growing number of sites out there that attempt to do this, and we do not seek to compete or detract from them. As the community of blind users of the Mac platform and iDevices continues to grow, additional resources for us all will only help everyone.