Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas Party

Hello to all!

We have a slight, well OK, a major change with the plans for our Christmas party. Thanks to Jesse Martinez for letting me know, the Delta Café is closing this Wednesday permanently. I called and confirmed this with the restaurant. So, we will not be having our party at Delta on Saturday.

Thanks to our members Charley and Ruthie Tipps for graciously offering their home for our party on such short notice. (Ruthie doesn’t even get to be there to enjoy it with us…) We will be ordering pizza and each person will need to pay $6 each to cover the cost of the pizza and drinks.

Charley’s address is 7522 E 53rd Place in Tulsa.

We will be playing the Dirty Santa game or gift exchange game. Each person who wants to play the game will need to bring a wrapped gift appropriate for either a guy or girl (not one or the other) at a cost of no more than $10. We will be playing other games as well, but you will have to come to the party to find out what they are! 

The date of the party has not changed, it will be this Saturday, December 9. Times for the party have not changed. We will begin at 1 pm and go no later than 4 pm.

If you have questions, please call or email me at the info below.

See everyone there!

Julie Bailey
TCB President

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