Sunday, April 14, 2013

TCB Minutes of Meeting - April 12, 2013

TCB April 12, 2013 Minutes

Vice President Fallin called the meeting to order at approximately 6:10 pm. She welcomed everyone present and requested each announce who was there. 18 were present.

Vice President Fallin thanked Pastor Russell for his wonderful meal. She then congratulated Commissioner Sanders for his being appointed to fulfill Commissioner Ray Kirk's place. We are pleased to have Perry Sanders in this great position.

Darla announced the passing of Doug Stone the previous week for those who may not have heard.

Treasurer report was accepted as distributed to all the members.

Secretary report was accepted as distributed to all the members.

Vice President Fallin stated she and Joe were not able to attend this year's Disability Awareness Day and asked if anyone had any comments. Commissioner Sanders reported almost 800 people attended and this was a great turn out especially with the rainy weather that day. Vice President Fallin reported that President Bailey had reported she was inspired to be at our State Capitol and to be a part of such an event. Diane asked how many OCB members were present and although the exact numbers are not known it was estimated at least 10 or more. It was also reported that 6 Deaf-Blind individuals attended, too.

Vice President Fallin asked for a motion to approve the expenses incurred by David Bailey when he drove several members to the Capitol in response to Bill #858 which was concerning the closing of the School for the Deaf and initially was also to close the School for the Blind. OSB, however, was removed from the Bill but our presence was still needed to support OSD and to keep our name in front of the committee. It was seconded and approved to refund David Bailey.

Bowlathon update by Jeri as David was not present. Date is June 15, Saturday, at Sheridan Lanes. Cost is $15 per person which includes two games and shoes. A flier and sponsor letter were to be handed out to each person present but for whatever reason this was overlooked. Members were encouraged to participate as this is a fundraiser. Questions were brought up about whether it was doggy eared for OCB dues and it was stated each year it could be voted on as to how to spend the money raised by the bowlathon. Also, questions were asked about t-shirts. It was decided t-shirts would be purchased for those who did not have one from our previous oblations. Jeri will check on the price but in the past they have been $8 each.

Activities were reported by Bill Self for future events which included a tour of the winery and aquarium. Jesse was not present so more details were not available at this time.

Vice President Fallin requested ideas from the members for White Cane Awareness Day. Different  ones stated to possibly visit various restaurants in the downtown area to expose awareness and to possibly walk around the OneOaks baseball stadium. TV stations need to be involved as well. An idea was mentioned to bring in different groups to join us and we have tried this in the past but it never seemed to work out for whatever reason. Vice President Fallin encouraged everyone to keep thinking of ideas.

Marion reminded members about Rooster Day Parade and clarified it will be free if we wanted to participate again this year. It was pretty successful a few years ago when we walked in the parade.

An email had been sent out to everyone with all the committees and who was on each one with their respective duties. Jeri clarified that David Cooper is not co-chair of the activities committee but only in charge of the

bowlathon. Committees were encouraged to contact each other to get started
on their particular responsibilities.

Dan raised the question about the pastor providing food every month. Vice President Fallin stated she remembered the members voting on every third month the pastor would provide food. A discussion was held on whether it's every other month or every third month. This will be researched in the

previous minutes.

Vice President Fallin informed the members the May speaker would be John Dessauer from the Credit Consumer Counseling.

Meeting adjourned at 7 pm.

Submitted by,

Jeri Cooper