Friday, August 16, 2013

Tulsa Transit Lift Program

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Policy Changes Effective September 1, 2013

Change in Parcel/Package Policy

Customers are now able to bring up to three (3) brown grocery bags
(preferably with handles) or eight (8) "Walmart-type" plastic bags on board
the vehicle. Once on board, packages must fit in the passenger's lap or
store under the seat during transport. Collapsible carts are allowed and can
be secured by the driver. Non-collapsible carts will not be allowed under
any circumstances.

Drivers will assist with up to two (2) parcels that individually weigh no
more than 15 lbs. Bags or packages weighing more than the limit will be the
responsibility of the passenger. Customers are allowed to bring on board
only what they, with the assistance of the driver, can carry in one load.
Passengers are not allowed to get on and off the vehicle to load packages.

A customer who violates these limits will be expected to arrange for
alternative transportation (i.e. taxi, friend, or family member) for the
return trip.

Change in "Will Call" Fare Structure

The charge for ALL "Will Call" trips, regardless of trip purpose, will be
$6.00. Tulsa Transit has offered $3.00 "Will Call" fares to customers with
medical appointments because of the difficulty involved in estimating how
long a doctor's visit may take. The Federal Transit Administration has
instructed Tulsa Transit to discontinue this practice because charging
different rates for different trip purposes is prohibited by the Americans
with Disabilities Act. As a result, "Will Call" trips from all locations,
including medical facilities, will be $6.00.

Tips for Scheduling Return Trips from Medical Facilities

When scheduling return trips from medical facilities:

·        Schedule your medical appointment first thing in the morning
(before the doctor has an opportunity to run late) or first thing after
lunch, if at all possible.

·        Call the medical facility before you schedule your LIFT trips to
get an estimate of time for the appointment.

·        Add 15-30 minutes to the estimate given by the medical facility
when scheduling the return trip to allow time for unforeseen delays.

·        Tell medical facility personnel when you arrive for your
appointment of the time you have scheduled the return trip. Let them know
you will have to pay a higher fare and wait longer for your ride if you are
not finished when the vehicle arrives.

New No Show/Late Cancellation Policy

How do I cancel my trips?

When customers no longer need trips they have scheduled, whether demand or
subscription service, they must call 582-2100 to cancel. Cancellations must
be received by Call Center staff no later than 4:30 p.m. the day before the
scheduled trip. Depending upon the time cancellations are received by the
Call Center, they are classified in one of three ways:

Advance Cancellations: Trips canceled by 4:30 p.m. the day before the
scheduled trip will be counted as Advance Cancellations.

Same-Day Cancellations: Trips that are canceled between 4:30 p.m. the day
prior to the trip and up to two (2) hours before the scheduled pick-up time.

Late Cancellations: Trips that are not canceled at least two (2) hours
before the scheduled pick-up time.

Cancel at the Door: Trips canceled by the customer when the driver arrives
at the pick-up location. One Cancel at the Door equals one No-Show.

What is a no-show?

A No-Show occurs when a passenger fails to board the LIFT vehicle within
five (5) minutes after it arrives within the pick-up window. Customers who
No-Show their trips going home should call the Call Center at 582-2100 to
reschedule. A "Will Call" trip will be scheduled on the next available
vehicle. The next available vehicle is based upon availability and may take
up to three (3) hours to dispatch. The fare for "Will Call" trips is $6.00
for the passenger and $6.00 each for guests.

When customers No-Show, their return trips are cancelled. However, if the
customers use alternative transportation to go on to their destinations, the
return trip can be reinstated if they phone the Call Center within one hour
of the original pick-up time.

What are the penalties for no-shows and late cancellations?

Penalties will be assessed for Late Cancellations and No-Shows as follows:

Number Violations                Penalty

    2                                        Warning Letter

    4                                         30-Day Suspension

When customers accumulate a total of four (4) No-Shows or Late Cancellations
within a 30-Day period, they will receive a written Notice of Service
Suspension, and a 30-day service suspension will be imposed. Customers will
be given 14 calendar days from the date the suspension letter is mailed to
appeal No-Shows they believe were charged in error. Customers must appeal in
writing and in a timely manner either by completing the form and returning
it via mail or by emailing The appeal must include
details regarding why the customer believes the violation was charged in
error. After the 14 days have elapsed without the request for an appeal, the
No-Show(s) and/or Late Cancellation(s) will become part of the customer's
permanent record and cannot be appealed at a later date.

Tulsa Transit will consider the information provided with the appeal, make a
determination, and mail or email a determination within seven (7) calendar
days after the request for appeal has been received. If the appeal all or
part of the appeal is denied, the customer will have a right to request an
in-person hearing to appeal the determination made by Tulsa Transit. That
request for appeal must be received within ten (10) calendar days from the
date the determination letter or email was sent by Tulsa Transit. After the
10 days have elapsed without the request for an appeal, the No-Show(s) or
Late Cancellation(s) will become part of the customer's permanent record and
cannot be appealed at a later date.

Customers making appeals in person will each have up to 15 minutes to
present oral and/or written arguments concerning the No-Show(s) or Late
Cancellations(s) they believe were charged in error and not removed by Tulsa
Transit during the initial appeal. The appeal will be heard by someone who
was not involved in the initial decision. The decision of the hearing
officer will be handed down in writing within five (5) calendar days after
the date set for the hearing. The decision will be final and no further
appeals will be accepted by Tulsa Transit. If the suspension is upheld, the
suspension will begin ten (10) calendar days after the appeal hearing.

Should a customer be temporarily suspended from the LIFT Program, it will be
necessary for the customer to request subscription trips be reinstated at
the end of the suspension period. Subscriptions are suspended when service
is suspended.

Can I avoid being suspended?

Customers can void a pending suspension by exercising a "buy-back" option.
For all proposed suspensions, the customer will receive a list of the
specific trips when a policy violation(s) occurred. Customers may remove
violations by paying the cost of an average LIFT trip. The cost to buy back
one violation is $25.00. Customers can buy back only six violations (No
Shows or Late Cancellations) in a rolling year.

Customers choosing to exercise the buy-back option should send a cashier's
check or money order (personal checks will not be accepted) to Tulsa
Transit, Attn: LIFT Buy Back, P.O. Box 52488, Tulsa, OK 74152, or hand
deliver to the Denver Avenue Station, 319 S. Denver, Monday through Friday
from 8 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and 2:00-5:00 p.m.

What happens if I have a pattern of excessive same day cancellations?

Customers who schedule trips and then cancel them after 4:30 p.m. the day
before travel may become ineligible for premium services as shown below.

     Consecutive Months Exceeding 10 Same-Day Cancellations

                        Penalty                                                           Duration (Days)

     1          Reminder Letter

     2          Warning Letter

     3          Next Day Scheduling Only*                                      30 days

                        No Subscription Service

                        No Phone Ahead Service  

     4     Next Day Scheduling Only                                            90 days

            No Subscription Service

            No Phone Ahead Service

     5     Next Day Scheduling Only                                           365 days

            No Subscription Service

            No Phone Ahead Service

     6     Next Day Scheduling Only*                                    Permanent

            No Subscription Service

            No Phone Ahead Service

*  Next Day Scheduling Only means the customer will be able to schedule
trips only for the next day of service.
Take a Buddy and Share the Cost

The Buddy System allows up to three LIFT customers (the customer booking the
trip and two other certified customers) to ride for the price of one. The
booking customer and the Buddy must be picked up at the same location and
time, and must have the same return trip for them to be considered Buddies.
The names of all Buddies and their LIFT ID numbers must be provided when the
trip is scheduled.

Allison Fallin