Friday, September 6, 2013

Have you heard we're having our annual state convention in just a few weeks?
Where have you been? See below for details and register now!
Wyndham Gardens Hotel2101 S. MeridianOklahoma City, Oklahoma405-685-4000.
September 20-22, 2013

Early Registration is September 10, 2013. You can call either 1-800-622-7666or (405) 685-4000 and be sure and say you are with the Oklahoma Council ofthe Blind. Room rates are $81 per night plus $13.875% tax. This is fordouble or king, 1 to 4 people to a room.

What does "DEAL" stand for? I'm glad you asked. "Development, Empowerment, Advocacy and Leadership."
Friday there will be a dynamic seminar on Employment.  What employers want,what counselors want and need to know, and what we as consumers need to knowto obtain those great jobs with cool benefits. We will be hearing fromMelanie Brunson, American Council of the Blind CEO, Doug Ross, former VSContracted Employment Specialist, Bobby Lakey, Successfully employedconsumer and former Vocational Rehabilitation counselor in Texas and manyothers. We will be treated to a great lunch where we can network with DRScounselors and staff, OCB members and other interested people.
Registration for the Friday seminar is $50 if you plan to only attend thisevent. The cost to attend the Friday seminar and the rest of the Conventionis $100. If you plan to attend the convention after the seminar, theregistration cost is $80.  Why not make plans to attend the entire threedays for only $100, which includes six meals!

After a full day of work on Friday, we will be treated to a Pizza and saladdinner provided by the Heartland Council of the Blind and then a full nightof entertainment which is behind door #5 which you will have to come andchoose.

Saturday Doors consist of updates from:
.       The New DRS Director or the Interim Director
.       The new Division of Visual Services Administrator or Acting DivisionAdministrator Paul Adams
.       Business Enterprise Program (BEP) by Mike Hamrick, Program Manager
.       National Deaf blind Equipment Distribution Program by Jeri Cooper
.       Oklahoma School for the Blind by Superintendent James Adams
.       Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped by KevinTreese, Program Manager
.       VIST & VA Low Vision Clinic by John Laakman
.       Newview Oklahoma by Thomas Larson
.       OCB-HCB-TCB-Muskogee by current presidents.

Additional activities for the weekend:
.       Special exhibitors! Come and see our exhibitors on Saturday.  We'llhave tables ranging from personal items to big techie stuff! Smell goodstuff and pretty dangles! Adaptive equipment to non-adaptive equipment.Resources to information to education to everyday needs! It's all going tobe there waiting for you.
.        A chance to add your input to important OCBresolutions and Constitution and Bylaws changes.
.       Special entertainment planned for Saturday night after the banquet,including the "EYE" dance!
.       A nondenominational service by Norman Dalke and Charley Tipps,preceding the Council's annual business meeting on Sunday.
.       And all weekend those who are registered will be eligible to choosea door behind which will be a variety of prizes.

So, come on! Get a move on, and let's register and get the show on the road!