Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christmas Shopping - Support ACB

From our President, Julie:

Shop Amazon, Support ACB

Are you starting to make your shopping list for the upcoming holidays? I
have already begun making my wish list and shopping.

One of my favorite online shopping web sites is I no longer
have to shop until I drop; I can relax in my favorite chair and browse to my
heart's content.

I recently learned that I can support the American Council of the Blind
while shopping. That's right! You can shop Amazon and a portion of your
hard-earned money can go to assist ACB. It is really easy. Here's how.

From your favorite Internet browser, simply go to There,
you will find information on ACB's Audio Description Project. There is a
link called "The ADI Associate Link." This will take you to
Amazon, where you can shop as usual. ACB receives a commission on everything
you purchase from Amazon through this link - described DVDs, games,
household products, books, music, and even food. And it doesn't cost you one
penny more to help ACB!

I have an account at Amazon, and they recognize me when I enter using the
ACB links. For the most part, I shop the Amazon main site; however, there is
a link to an accessible site, and I do use it on occasion.

By the way, spend some time on the ADP page; there is a bundle of very
valuable information there for your perusal. You'll find information about
audio-described TV shows, movies, DVDs, and much more.

Happy shopping, and enjoy supporting ACB this holiday season.

- Linda Yacks

Sharon Lovering, Editor

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