Friday, May 31, 2013

June Workshops at Hadley School

Seminars@Hadley Presents: Blind Woodworkers Workshop

Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Time: 4:00 PM CDT, 21:00 GMT

Have you ever considered working with wood? Did you previously enjoy woodworking, but feel that your current level of vision is no longer adequate? If so, join us for Seminars@Hadley as we broadcast live from the Annual Woodworking for the Blind Workshop in Deer Park, IL. Larry Martin, founder of the Woodworking for the Blind Workshop, along with the Workshop participants, will share with you how to get the most out of this activity, including their current projects and a discussion about “talking tools.”

Join Seminars@Hadley as the Workshop participants provide further information on the joys and challenges of woodworking.Larry Muffett, a member of Hadley’s Seminars team, will moderate this 60-minute seminar. A question and answer period will be included as part of the seminar.

Space in this seminar is limited. Please only register if you know you are available to attend so that others are not closed out. Register for the Blind Woodworkers Workshop seminar on June 4.


Seminars@Hadley Presents: The Ladies Lounge 2

Date: Thursday, June 13, 2013Time: 10:00 AM CDT, 15:00 GMT

Grab a cup of coffee, herbal tea or iced latte and meet us in the (cyber) Ladies Lounge! We’re back to pick up where we left off in the first Ladies Lounge! We’ll finish up talking about make-up and nails and then continue on with hair care and styling, shaving and more. Do you have “how to” questions? Perhaps you’ve got a few techniques that work for you as a blind or low vision woman. Do share! We’ll be chatting it up during this seminar for ladies only.

Join Seminars@Hadley as Hadley instructor Sharon Howerton and Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Polly Abbott, from Second Sense in Chicago, share personal care tips and tricks.

Hadley Senior Vice President Dawn Turco will join in on the conversation and moderate this 60-minute seminar. Question and answers (and chatting!) will be included as part of the seminar. Space in this seminar is limited. Please only register if you know you are available to attend so that others are not closed out. 

Register for the Ladies Lounge 2 seminar on June 13. 


Coming Soon: 

  • Wednesday, June 19, 10:00 AM — Braille Exchange: Drawing Pictures On the Braillewriter
  • Wednesday, June 26, 2:00 PM — Five Fishing Techniques Proven to Make Sure You Feel the Bite.