Friday, May 10, 2013

TCB Board Meeting Minutes May 2, 2013

TCB Board May 2, 2013

Meeting began 7 pm.

Quorum established: Julie, Allison, Jeri, Jesse, Darla, and Bill.

Jesse discussed various activities and it was decided to do the Aquarium possibly in July or August. $8 per person for tour and $6 box lunch. Another possible activity for this year or next was Disney outdoor theatre $18.75 for ticket and dinner, and drinks extra. Name of play Man Who Ran, and Elijah

Reviewed budget. Add lines for donation $50, Web cost $13, Printing $150, Donate to community. Table this vote until after meal issue is discussed. Add food after meal issue decided.

It was determined last November for TCB to provide meals at the meetings every other month. It was accidentally overlooked and we got out of sync. Darla will talk to the Pastor about providing dinner for May and we will discuss with the members on perhaps forming a committee for our turn to provide meals. Ideas were pot luck and Darla and others could coordinate. Bring before members to vote again on meals provision.

Discussed concerns for folks outside our area, assist with forming other groups within their area or assist in getting them to ours.

Discussed providing interpreter for Jean and Jeri will ask for volunteers. WE will pay volunteer interpreter meals. If volunteer can't be found, pay for interpreter. further discussion is needed. 
Meeting adjourned 8:20.